Thexyz –

We build the best tools around for domain name management and email to make your life simple. We are continually updating our product offerings to give our customers the very best in email and domain technology.

Fastmail –

Fastmail is based in Australia and has servers in the US. The original founders brought back the company from the the web browser, Opera in 2008. You can open a basic account for free and upgrade to have more storage. They have over 100 domains to choose from or you can use your own domain name.

Hushmail –

A pretty solid service that allows you to use your own domain or one from

Google Apps –

Slightly more pricey at $5 per user per month, Google’s own premium version of Gmail that allows you to use Gmail with your own domain name.

Office365 –

A good option if you are looking to add the Microsoft Office to your subscription. Used by many businesses and all around good package value for money.

Microsoft Exchange

The most stable and secure option for corporate level email. It is used by banks and government around the world. ‎There are many providers that host Microsoft Exchange. We recommend checking out a few listed on Serchen.

Web Hosting

You can also host your email with your own domain on most web hosting services like Godaddy, Hostgator, Amazon etc. These hosted email environments can often be confusing to many users. They also lack the security and reliability ‎of a service that specialises in hosting email.