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What is email forwarding?

If you have an email address and you enable forwarding for it, all of the inbound e-mails will be sent to a third-party email address that you choose. The sender won’t be aware of this and he will be sending the e-mail...

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What is an email alias?

An email alias is an email address which shares the very same mailbox as a different e-mail address both for the inbound as well as the outbound emails. For example, you are able to create an email address and...

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What is an Auto-Responder email?

An auto-responder email is a an email that is sent from your mailbox as the answer to every email that you get. The content is predetermined and is sent automatically, so each individual that contacts you via electronic mail...

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How do I recover deleted email messages?

Gmail If you have lost messages on Gmail it may be possible to recover emails from Trash for 30 days. If you notice that emails are missing, you can report missing Gmail emails here. Thexyz You can recover deleted messages on...

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