You can find more experimental keyboard shortcuts on Protonmail’s website.

You can use the following shortcuts on the selected message/s:


? - Opens the help modal.

/ – Focus the search input.

enter – Confirms the active modal.

escape - Closes the active modal.



c – Opens a new composer.

ctrl + enter – Sends the message.

escape – Closes the active composer.



* – then a Select all conversations.

* – then n Unselect all conversations.

r – Marks the message/conversation as read.

u – Marks the message/conversation as unread.

. – Marks or unmarks the message/conversation as starred.

i – Moves the message/conversation to inbox.

t – Moves the message/conversation to trash.

a – Moves the message/conversation to archive.

s – Moves the message/conversation to spam.



shift + r – Reply to a message/conversation.

shift + a – Reply to all recipients for a message/conversation.

shift + f – Forward a message/conversation.



g then i – Goes to inbox.

g then d – Goes to drafts.

g then s – Goes to sent.

g then . – Goes to starred.

g then a – Goes to archive.

g then x – Goes to spam.

g then t – Goes to trash.



 arrow up – Marks the previous message/conversation.

 arrow down- Marks the next message/conversation.

 arrow left – Marks the last message.

 arrow right – Unmarks the message.

k – Displays the newer conversation.

j – Displays the older conversation.

enter – Opens the markedmessage/conversation.

escape – Back to the list.