AOL Mail

Attachments: 16MB
Free web-based email service from AOL offering unlimited storage space, the ability to send and receive messages from mobile devices, and an integrated buddy list for instant messaging. AOL’s WebSuite Basic provides users with Spam and virus protection, as well as useful features such as a calendar and address book, and the ability to add custom RSS feeds and gadgets.


Attachments: 10MB
Rapidly-evolving email service with a raft of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more.


Attachments: 25MB
Gmail has risen to become one of the most popular free email providers. Powered by Google, their email service includes virus protection, Spam filters, auto responders, email forwarding, and a multi-lingual interface with over 40 languages to choose from.

GMX Mail

Attachments: 50MB
Free web-based email with seven anti-Spam modules and strong anti-virus protection. Members are also given 2GB of online file storage, can use the Mail Collector to check and sort external email accounts, and can create and track appointments with the GMX Organiser.


Storage: 2MB
Are THEY watching you? HushMail provides the world’s only 2048-bit secure encrypted free email service. You can use Hushmail as a normal free email service and send messages to anyone, but if you send messages to another HushMail user they are encrypted with a powerful cypher.

Thexyz Webmail

Attachments: 25MB
Thexyz Webmail is powerful enough to be your everyday — every email — messaging application. In addition to robust email capabilities, it also features collaboration apps and tools to help your business collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Yahoo! Mail

Attachments: 25MB
Free web based email service with an integrated instant messenger. Members can choose between the simple, fast loading Yahoo! Mail Classic, and the new, fully customisable Yahoo! Mail with optional add-on tools such as Flikr photo sharing and Picnik photo editing. Standard features include Spam and virus protection, SMS messaging, a calendar with automatic reminders, and the option of accessing emails from compatible mobile devices. For an annual fee, subscribers to Mail Plus can also enjoy POP3 access and mail forwarding services, and create disposable email addresses.